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  • Allergic dermatitis in dogs: what can be done? +

    Allergies in people usually create respiratory symptoms; however dog allergies usually create skin rashes, smelly skin, ear infections, oily flakey skin, chewing, scratching and feet licking. In medical terms, an allergy is due to an immune mediated response to an antigen that makes its way into the body. Read More
  • Nutrients that Influence Hoof Health +

    The nutritional demands of domesticated modern horses are much different than the nutritional demands of wild horses. A myriad of feed stuffs and supplements have been developed and marketed in reaction to these changing needs. While proper supplementation can provide numerous benefits, insufficient or excessive supplementation of any nutrient can Read More
  • Protecting the hooves during summertime +

    It’s during the hot and dry days of summer that we typically see a rise in dry hooves. Dry and brittle hoof walls will often crack and chip, especially on solid surfaces. Then a thunderstorm arises and forces the horse to stand in mud for a prolonged time, making the Read More
  • Can the Amino Acid Tryptophan Help Nervous Horses? +

    Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is converted to a chemical responsible for nerve transmission and brain health. It can be found in pasture grasses but often in marginal or deficient levels. Unlike drugs that take effect immediately, nutrients such as tryptophan may not be directly active but are Read More
  • Factors that Affect Hoof Quality +

    Hoof wall defects can develop as a result of one or more contributing factors. To name a few, hoof wall quality can be influenced by genetics, environment, microbes, trimming, and nutrition. Genetics: Breeds such as Thoroughbreds are genetically predisposed to have thin hoof walls and thin soles, which have an Read More
  • Preventing Obesity in Idle Horses +

    Most idle horses should be provided with pasture or a limited amount of hay that does not exceed 2% of their body weight. Most of them do not need any grain in their daily ration either. Weight gain should be monitored by sight, body condition scoring, equine scales, or a Read More
  • Hooves and Muddy Conditions +

    The mud and muck that comes along with the rainy season can wreak havoc on horse’s hooves. The resulting softening of the hoof capsule not only leads to increased wear and tear but also creates an ideal environment for the invasion of “hoof eating” microbes that cause thrush and crumbling Read More
  • Can Excess Dietary Salt Affect Hoof Quality? +

    Salt, or sodium chloride, is a necessary component of a horse’s diet and metabolism. However; too much salt will increase thirst and urination. Hoof quality can deteriorate from the additional urine and moisture in the environment. Horses that are confined for periods of time are primarily affected. Read More
  • How to Choose an Equine Nutrition Supplement +

    There are so many supplements in the market. Unfortunately, it is easy for a manufacturer to enter the hoof supplement market with little or no credentials. That is why the following factors should be considered to choose a reputable nutrition supplement... Read More
  • Cushing’s Disease, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome +

    Cushing’s Disease, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome and Low Calorie/starch Feedstuff. Cushing’s disease is caused by a tumor of the pituitary gland. The resulting metabolic disturbances stem from excessive levels of a hormone secreted by the tumor, which in turn leads to high blood cortisol levels and the development of insulin Read More
  • Over Supplementation of Nutrients +

    Over Supplementation of Nutrients in the Equine Diet Over-supplementing NutrientsExcessive supplementation of any nutrient, even if the nutrient is not toxic, requires metabolic and organ functions in order to eliminate the nutrient from the body. This is a waste of valuable resources whether in the form of enzyme activity, energy, Read More
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