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Leslie B.

As a farrier, I recommend the Farriers Finish to many of my clients. It is wonderful for keeping a healthy balance of moisture in the hoof wall and I've noticed less cracking and chipping. I like to use the Hoof Clay, especially under shoes, for many of the hoof wall separations I see. Great products!


Alice H.

Great product! Used on my senior, who has low heels and stone bruises. This stuff helps keep his hoofs healthy and keeps them strong. I love farriers finish. It's been a rough summer with white line and thrush. After using this product, we are seeing a big difference in his hoof growth and keeping the thrush and white line at bay. Love the ease of use of the product. Not messy! 


Arlyn L.

My horses are outside all the time and we have very moist land. I use Farrier's Finish every time I clean their feet to keep their hoofs healthy and to prevent thrush and white line. For me, it's the best because it is easy to use, doesn't have that chemical odor, and I always see results. I use the Hoof Clay after trimmings and shoeing to fill any holes left behind. Again, very easy to use and apply. And it stays in place. I've tried tons of products and always come back to Life Data products. Love your products!!! Thank you for keeping our horses healthy!


Sandy B.

I started using Farrier’s Finish because my QH had one abscess after another. He even had to have pads put on. Using farriers finish, he stopped getting the abscesses. Eventually, I tried taking the pads off and shoes! No more abscesses!! Thank you! Farrier’s Finish not only helped my horse get sound, but saved me a ton of money by not having to use pads and shoes. I do use the farriers finish several times a week.


Cecelia H.

I religiously use Farrier's Formula Double Strength and started using Farrier's Finish this past year. With our wet to dry to wet weather in the Pacific Northwest, it is hard on hooves. I work hard to keep Waylon's feet in good shape. Here's proof that it works. We rode in our town's 4th of July parade and he had no hoof issues at all! Thank you Life Data Labs!


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