Snezana H.

Healthy Foal

Here are the pictures of my mare "A Painted Day in May". She likes to eat your supplement, Life Data Broodmare & Growing Horse, and her body condition is perfect. The birth of her foal yesterday morning went smoothly without any problems. She didn't even sweat! The little one is also super agile and fit. So, thank you again for your great advice and support.

My other 3 horses have received Life Data Barn Bag and Farriers Formula Double Strength for the past year; the products are unbeatable in terms of effectiveness. I love it and won't buy anything else.

As promised, here are some photos of the adorable baby foal. The first photo shows me with the stallion father of the little one, whom I bred myself. I very much look forward to continuing our successful cooperation.


Snezana H.

Stallion with Horse Owner