Alyssa D

8 year old Golden Retriever

I'm not sure if you will remember me or not, but my name is Alyssa and I met you at Equine Affaire last month in Massachusetts. I had stopped by your booth and was asking questions about your Breeder's formula for dogs. I am familiar with Farrier's Formula and I was interested in learning more about this product for dogs.

As a refresher on my dog, she is an 8 year old Golden Retriever. She is in amazing shape, very active, and we feed her a balanced, grain-free diet as she has shown some aversion to certain dog foods that have spiked up some allergic reactions. Despite being active and very well trained, (she is truly the 'ideal' golden- brings in the newspaper, gets the slippers, she is amazing and so willing to please) she also has the typical golden neuroses and allergies. She has never had hot spots, but scratches herself like crazy, creating a raw and hairless patch on her chin, making her chronic ear infections worse and causing hematomas to form in her ears, and obsessively licking her paws to the point where it looks like we shaved patches off of them. Forget about bathing her, any kind of shampoo causes her itching to amplify to insanity and we won't do that to her anymore.

We have had many consultations with vets who have suggested better training thinking she is bored (truly she is a dream and my family has always prided ourselves on training our dogs well) to constant steroids to combat allergic reactions. We think she has some mild summer allergies with grass, however are unwilling to keep her on steroids that have done nothing for her.

When I stopped at the booth at EA, your sign describing what this product could do seemed to be describing my dog perfectly. I asked you about it and asked how long it would take to notice a difference, and you gave me a bag to try on the condition I email you with how she is doing at the end of the month.

Well here I am emailing you, keeping my promise, and I have to say there has been noticeable improvement in my dog, and I am excited to keep her on Breeder's formula to continue to see these amazing results.

She still scratches, and probably always will a bit more than a 'normal' dog, however it isn't nearly as obsessive as it was. Her licking has improved as well, so much that her short patches of hair on her paws have begun to grow back. Her ears have improved immensely. We have been battling ear infections for years, and while we still have kept up our medicating routine, they look better than they have in months and her hematoma that has been prominent for two months has essentially healed completely. Her hairless chin is no longer raw and agitated, and while I seriously doubt hair will ever grow completely back, it has begun coming back in small patches.

She is not perfect, and still has her obsessive behaviors, however her skin and coat health have improved, and her obsessiveness has lessened. I am very impressed with this product, and will happily recommend this product to anyone. At our next vet appointment, I can't wait to show them what your product has done that their steroids and other drugs they have tried pushing on her could not.

I reordered this product, and plan on continuing to order for as long as I can see it making a difference in my dog's health and happiness. I want to thank you for your time at Equine Affaire, and thank you for a great product that, put quite simply, works.

Wishing you Happy Holidays, 

Alyssa D. and Maggie