Sandi W.

Shadow Lab Mix

Breeder’s Formula - A Rescue For My Rescue.

Shadow is a 7 year old lab mix we rescued two and a half years ago.  He is fairly well-behaved but has horrible anxiety and separation issues.  You never know what you are really getting yourself into with a rescue but he was so gentle and affectionate we hoped the anxiety would subside with time.  Two plus years into our relationship and we needed help.

I was not a fan of medicating this loving boy but started getting desperate for help when a friend told us about Breeder’s Formula.  Within a couple weeks I noticed his coat was shinier than usual and was becoming very soft.  As we finished our trial bag I wasn’t convinced we had seen a behavioral change and then we ran out.

Within a week, Shadow began following me mercilessly and getting under my feet.  His harmless habits graduated to bad behaviors with a little destruction tossed in for fun.  Then the bouts of panting anxiety returned… We are sticking with Breeder’s Formula.

Sandi W.