Sophie E.

Cocker Spaniel on Breeder's Formula

Archy, our working cocker spaniel suffered from dry skin and regularly experienced cases of dandruff that irritated him to the point where he was itching frequently. We had tried many supplements and oils including Evening Primrose oil among others, however these didn't have a lasting effect on the condition of his coat.

Then we tried Breeder’s Formula and we will never look back. His coat has gone from being dull with no shine or life, to a completely glossy, thick and healthy looking coat. Breeder’s Formula has completely eliminated Archy's dandruff!

We noticed a difference after using this product for about 21 days, and so did our friends and family. People always ask what we feed him and what supplements we give him. We would recommend this product to anyone, even if it were to just maintain general well-being. Archy’s coat gets complimented when he's working on a shoot or just on a walk in the park.

Sophie E.
Cheshire, England