Zoe and Oscar

I've been looking at Breeders Formula for my Doberman, Oscar.

He's about 5-6 years old & we re-homed him when he was about 18-months. We are unsure of his previous life but can only imagine given the state he was in when we got him. He's a very anxious dog and suffers with about 4 different skin conditions at any one time. He's been under a specialist dermatologist for 2-years now and on long term immune suppressants and steroids (Azathioprine 50mg & Prednisone 25mg) but they aren't helping & I'm convinced it's not treating the issue only providing temporary relief. He has a very thin coat & very course, not like a Dobermans should be.

I've attached some pictures (taken on 31 Dec). He's not the most photogenic of dogs as he always looks so sorry for himself.


I'm writing to send you some pictures of Oscar's progress now that he has finished another 2 bags of Breeders Formula.

He's no longer on daily steroids, his coat is the best it's ever been and he is so much calmer. Even the owners at the Doggy Day Care he visits can't believe how amazing he looks and how much his behavior has changed!

I have attached some pictures to show his progress. He no longer has flaky ears, he no longer has itchy, dry flaky skin and his coat is growing long and thick. He's still being seen by his specialist dermatology vet and she's really pleased with his progress. He's still on a mix of antibiotics as he does have an immune disorder that attacks his body and we need to keep that under control.

Kind regards


Oscar before Breeder's Formula®

Oscar after Breeder's Formula®