Judy's horses

Judy L.

Mariah is the pony, and Ebony is the TN Walking horse. Both are seniors, have Cushing’s, Insulin Resistance, and are very afraid of fireworks. Last year we got a supplement to calm them, but it did not help. They were pacing and breathing heavily. It was terrifying to watch.

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Today, for the first time I used Compose, a natural calming supplement for horses.The horse I jump with has a temper and gets quite excitable. After using the product, I immediately noticed an improvement in her temperament.  She still retained her vitality, but I had more control over her.  This was a positive experience and I now recommend Compose to everyone, you will surely notice the difference.

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John the horse

Sandra W.

"I can honestly say that your product Compose saved us.

Two weeks ago, I purchased a new horse, a 7 years old Connemara gelding called John. I bought John from a commercial training stable. The stable sold the horse because of his extreme nervousness. This meant that his training would have taken much longer than planned and he had only just been broken in. The stable owner had been very patient and had gone to great lengths with him to try to train him but sadly to no avail. An auction in Ireland, a journey on a ship and two changes of stables all within one week, contributed to John being highly nervous. It was no longer possible to continue with the training in his present condition.

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Shetland Ponies


As you know I own three lovely Shetland Ponies. I only used Compose when transporting them and on another occasion for a visit to the vet for a vaccination. All went very well.

Recently, the vet came to do their teeth. Normally, this visit ends up with an upset vet, stressed out ponies and an exhausted me!

However, on this occasion I decided to give each pony the recommended amount of COMPOSE, one and half hours before the planned treatment. I lead them over to the main stable yard where they have never been before. Usually, I keep the ponies 24/7 out on a field. They were well behaved and calm during the journey. Amazingly, even the road traffic and a flock of loud calling guinea fowls running around did not disturb them.

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Stephanie with nervous horse

Stephanie K.

We put one of our lesson horses on Compose that gets nervous in the stall. He would dance around and completely destroy his stall each day. In addition, he made the beginning riding students a little nervous. We decided to give the supplement a chance and see if it helped to calm him down some.

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