Deborah G.

Nervous Horse

Horse Trainer

Dear Life Data,

I spoke with Susan Holt with life data on the phone. I had a story to share with her of an Arabian gelding that's here at my facility for training. I am a natural horse trainer.

Well, when he arrived from a breeder in Ohio, he was a wreck. He came on Friday and by Sunday I had the vet out here.

He had a syndrome called equine self-mutilation. And he had it big time. He was chewing up his flanks and his coronary bands on the rear. He would throw himself on the ground, slam into the panels, spin out of control, try to jump out, and also kick out violently with his back legs. It was unreal... and I had to train him.

Nervous Arabian Horse

I started him on Compose two weeks ago and he has totally changed. Now he still has fits but nothing like they were. At times he'll be going into one and stop and think about it and won’t do it. His training is going great! I'll start riding him on Monday.

I could write all day about the changes in this horse. I can't thank you enough Life Data for all the research you do to put out top notch products like this. I also use Farriers Formula. I've been using your products for 4 years now.


Deborah G.
South Carolina