Shetland Ponies

As you know I own three lovely Shetland Ponies. I only used Compose when transporting them and on another occasion for a visit to the vet for a vaccination. All went very well.

Recently, the vet came to do their teeth. Normally, this visit ends up with an upset vet, stressed out ponies and an exhausted me!

However, on this occasion I decided to give each pony the recommended amount of COMPOSE, one and half hours before the planned treatment. I lead them over to the main stable yard where they have never been before. Usually, I keep the ponies 24/7 out on a field. They were well behaved and calm during the journey. Amazingly, even the road traffic and a flock of loud calling guinea fowls running around did not disturb them.

The vet came on time and started to treat my very sensitive chestnut pony, Lancelot. He is normally the worst of them all. But he stood quite calm and made no attempt to rear up or run off. He kept his mouth open and the vet could even kneel in front of him without being attacked. This meant that the work on the teeth was accomplished very quickly.

The second pony, Simba, is the smallest. He stood even more relaxed with a nicely opened mouth and the vet could kneel comfortably beside him to do his teeth.

Finally, my mare, Penmor, who does not normally open her mouth, opened it willingly and the treatment was also completed in a short time.

It took the vet just over thirty minutes to treat all three of them. The ponies were all relaxed, calm and a pleasure to handle. They did not even show signs of an increased heartbeat.

On our return to the yard they got a quick wash and I led them back over to their field. It is not always easy to lead all three of them down a small busy road with not much space. They are often confronted with racing cars whose drivers do not slow down to consider the animals. The traffic did not bother them at all. Many thanks for introducing COMPOSE to me which has proved very helpful at all times.

Kind regards,