Horse Running in Pasture

Horse Osteopath

Last Friday I moved to another stable with my 14 year old Hanoverian gelding. Prior to the journey I gave my horse Compose. I was astonished by the effect which it had on my horse and hardly recognized him. He stepped into the trailer totally at ease, as if he did it every weekend; his last trailer trip was almost three years ago. Unloading was no issue either, he behaved like a pro – previously he would storm out backwards from the trailer. On arrival he surveyed his new surroundings and was really laid back. This is very unusual for him because he is normally extremely excitable and nervous. 

I had advised the stable owner that the horse would be hyperactive and difficult to handle. In the past he would need at least two days to calm down, but to my astonishment he behaved exceptionally well. His good behavior continued, even when we let him join the herd. We imagined this procedure would take several days, but he stayed calm and was friendly to the other horses.

In the evening I fed him half a scoop of Compose, so that he would stay relaxed during the night in the open stable. This was a very good start to our new home. My horse’s stress-free attitude and uncomplicated adaption to his transport and new home made a positive impression on the other horse owners.

Next week I plan to ride him in unfamiliar terrain for the first time – I will of course give him Compose beforehand.

Nicole R.

Horse Osteopath