Pete D.

Pete and Horse

This is me with my friend's 10 year old gelding who has had issues for some time with visits from the dentist.

He would use his size and weight to put his head in the air or just move people around. He had previously been sedated by the vet to complete the task, (which was upsetting for him and the owner when he was coming round) or let down by various dentists, from either an overpowering point or doing a partial job then never to return. It had therefore been a while since they were done properly.

As she had previously used 'Compose' it was therefore tried again and, as you can see from the photo, the horse willingly stood and allowed the dentist to use the power tool - happy days for all involved!

The brilliant aspect of 'Compose 2x' is that it doesn't affect the horse like a sedative would, and, just prior to the dentist arriving, she had ridden him to prove that it is possible to do this whilst being fed!

Pete D.

United Kingdom