Early Equine Nutrition and Dental Health

early equine nutrition

Broodmare nutrition greatly influences the dental development of the unborn fetus. These early teeth created from connective tissue during fetal growth are the foundation for the horse’s dental health from weaning throughout life. Unlike the teeth of most mammals, horse’s teeth continuously grow from the roots. Thus in both the young and adult horse, the development of new tooth enamel and bone is dependent on the early nutrition groundwork. 

Giving the broodmare the additional nutrients required for proper development of the fetal connective tissues and bones can be accomplished by the use of a concentrated nutrient formulation for broodmares and feeding whole oats separately for the extra calories needed during pregnancy and lactation. 

Feeding whole oats separately from other nutrient requirements has many advantages. When feeding a set amount of concentrated nutrients the horse owner has the assurance of feeding proper levels of nutrients without risking under or over supplementation. Increasing or decreasing the calorie intake for proper body condition is accomplished by adjusting the feeding level of whole oats.

J. Frank Gravlee, DVM, MS, CNS
Founder of Life Data Labs, Inc.
Developer of Farrier’s Formula®

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