How to Choose an Equine Nutrition Supplement

Equine Nutrition Supplement

There are so many supplements in the market. Unfortunately, it is easy for a manufacturer to enter the hoof supplement market with little or no credentials. That is why the following factors should be considered to choose a reputable nutrition supplement: 

1. Does the manufacturer employ a nutritionist?
A nutritionist is not only critical to development of a quality product, but is also vital for the company’s ability to quickly address any nutrition issues that may arise. The nutritionist should also be available to answer any nutrition related questions from consumers of the product.

2. The development of a supplement should be based on scientific research.
There is big difference between engaging in research and reviewing existing research. Choose a well-established company in the equine industry with a good ‘track-record’ dedicated to equestrian health and consumer education.

3. Is the supplement manufactured in house?
Supplements manufactured within the company’s facility have the capacity for superior quality control. Proper design of the manufacturing facility can prevent cross contamination of ingredients, and result in a higher quality product. A supplement in which the manufacturing is outsourced has a greater risk of contamination, and is of particular concern in feed mills that process feed for cattle or feed containing animal derived ingredients.

4. Quality ingredients are sourced through reputable suppliers.
Each ingredient should be accompanied with a statement of the nutrient content.

5. Is it a pelleted nutrition supplement?
Pelleting often creates a more palatable product for the horse, may reduce irritation from inhaling the supplement into the nostrils, and reduces loss of supplement into the surrounding environment when the horse is snorting. Pelleting also reduces the surface area of product thereby reducing exposure to oxygen and the subsequent destruction of nutrients by oxidation.

6. Is the packaging vacuum sealed?
Nitrogen flushing during the packaging process and vacuum packaging further reduces oxidation of nutrients and extends the life and freshness of the product.

7. Does the product have a guaranteed analysis?
Finished product should be subjected to independent laboratory analysis of nutrient content to verify the guaranteed analysis on product labeling. The guaranteed analysis reflects the nutrients that are in the finished product following the manufacturing process.

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J. Frank Gravlee, DVM, MS, CNS
Founder of Life Data Labs, Inc.
Developer of Farrier’s Formula®
H. Scott Gravlee, DVM, CNS
Equine Nutrition Consultant