Product Freshness

Horse Eating Out of Hand

Would you drink sour milk or eat stale bread? No, because product freshness is vital to the taste, safety and effectiveness of products consumed, not only for our families and ourselves, but for our horses as well. There are several ways to ensure freshness in the products we feed our equine friends.

Look for products made with the highest quality ingredients. Many poor or lesser quality ingredients break down easily and are more likely to contain contaminants and harmful bacteria.

Proper packagings such as airtight, light-resistant, re-sealable containers are crucial to ensure product freshness. Products packaged in nitrogen flushed vacuum sealed bags are now available in the equine industry insuring the same freshness as your favorite vacuum packed coffee. A batch number and ‘best if used by’ date should be clearly printed on the packaging.
Whenever possible, choose pelleted products over powdered ones. Pelleting extends the freshness of a product by reducing the exposed surface area thereby lowering the rate of oxidation – damage caused by exposure to oxygen. Pelleting also removes much of the residual moisture that must be present for most harmful bacteria to thrive. Contrary to popular belief, proper pelleting procedures with low heat do not destroy large amounts of nutrients.

Supplement manufacturers can ensure product freshness by following strict quality control standards and certified by independent agencies that are not associated with the equine industry. Speak with your supplement manufacturer and determine the quality system used in the manufacture of his products.

You demand safety and freshness for yourself and your family… Your horses deserve the same.

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J. Frank Gravlee, DVM, MS, CNS
Founder of Life Data Labs, Inc.
Developer of Farrier’s Formula®