Your Horse Needs to Chew

The mechanical action of chewing is the major stimulus for salivation in horses. Feeding your horse whole grains requires the horse to use the teeth as a grinder which not only helps to maintain proper dental health and reduce dental spurs, but also improves feed digestibility by stimulating salivation.

 Today’s compounded feeds are often produced using by-products and grain hulls from the food industry. These ground and processed feeds lessen the horse’s desire to chew and therefore reduce the amount of salivation.

Feeding whole grains such as oats encourages your horse to chew and salivate. To balance the diet, Barn Bag® Hay and Pasture Balancer along with oats is our recommendation.

J. Frank Gravlee, DVM, MS, CNS
Founder of Life Data Labs, Inc.
Developer of Farrier’s Formula®