Gaby C.

Gabby's Horse Standing

“About a year ago, I was on the phone with Life Data to ask for some details about the use of the Farrier’s Finish and Hoof Clay. I cannot say enough good things about them.

During our mud season, my horse suffered from white line disease and thrush. Even though I have always been on top of my horse’s thrush, it seemed unavoidable during the spring mud season.

My horse’s white line disease was cured! Your Farrier’s Finish beats other non-harsh treatment methods with ease of application and effectiveness. I also found a simple way to improve the penetration of the Farrier’s Finish, which I really feel was helping its effectiveness on my horse and that I wanted to share with you.

I ordered cheap disposable waterproof shoe covers. I reduce the size of the elastic opening by stretching it out and then making a knot on one side of the cover. Then I apply the Farrier’s Finish and slip a shoe cover on the hoof right away. I do this first thing and then do grooming and feeding so that the product has time to penetrate for half an hour to an hour, and none of it gets wasted on the floor. I have had great results with using it like that and thought this idea might also help other people!

- Gaby C.

Horse with Shoe Covers