For the past two years I have fed Farrier's Formula Double Strength together with the application of Farrier's Finish to my horse, Estelle. This regime was recommended and supplied to me by my long-term farrier.

The horn of Estelle’s hooves has improved significantly through these measures. Until four weeks ago I was able to ride her without shoes. Unfortunately she was increasingly wearing down her hooves, so the farrier shoed her forelegs. I was initially very skeptical if the shoes would stay on, because Estelle has a very powerful impulse and thrust from the hindquarters. However because the hoof horn is now in a really good condition the shoes stayed in place.

Estelle's hoof

I am delighted to have followed this method of feeding and treatment for a very young horse; ensuring optimal hoof structure and quality with Farrier's Formula and Farrier's Finish before applying shoes. The time and money have been an excellent investment for this young horse. Estelle has made tremendous development because of the good nutrient supplements. Jürgen, being an excellent farrier, has contributed to this success.

I hope in spring I will be able to have new photos made so that you will be able to see how the story goes on.

Best regards and a good weekend,

Simone L.