Aleta B.

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I purchased my Quarter Horse mare in May 2014. She had some severe splits in her front hooves, and her feet were spread out like pancakes. I knew the owner well and, of course, wanted to know what had happened to her hooves. The owner recently went through some health issues and had not been able to keep up with farrier appointments. She had 7 other horses, one of which was my mare’s sire, and she also had her full brother. I was looking at their feet and noticed the same issue but not nearly as bad. I assumed this was going to be an ongoing issue as it looked like it was hereditary. I decided to purchase the mare even though she was 8 years old, green broke, and had splits in her front hooves. Needless to say, we have been on a journey ever since.

The first thing I needed to do was find a reputable farrier that would tackle this problem. Once he was located, we had to drug her to do anything with her feet. I did not want to do this, but we had to get the shoes she had off her and get new ones on asap to prevent further splitting. She's a very strong-willed mare, and it took a long time and 2 doses of sedatives to get her trimmed and shoed on the front. He recommended seeing her every 6 weeks for a recheck and rerepeating the process. This took a lot of time and money, but I was willing to go along with his program. I asked him if he could give me a recommendation on any supplements. He said no, he didn't really think they worked and that we should see improvements with frequent trims and shoes. Over time, that didn't sit well with me because of the cost and drugs. She also didn't make it six weeks between trims, and she was throwing shoes. Not only did she have splits, but her walls were also super thin, and couldn't hold a shoe. Something else had to be done. 

I remembered Life Data Labs from a previous issue I had with a horse that had white line disease. I contacted Life Data, and they suggested Farrier's Formula Double Strength. I started her on it right away, and it took a few months to really start seeing results. I also told the farrier no more shoes. I wanted to see how she would do with the barefoot trim, give her walls time to grow, and give the supplement time to do its thing.

To my surprise, as well as the farrier, her splits began to get smaller, and her walls were getting stronger. By this time, the farrier was now trimming her without drugs. We discovered it was the hammering of the shoes that upset her the most. So, once that was no longer a factor, she was much easier to deal with. He had to be very patient with her and slow with his movements to win over my mare’s trust, but he really worked hard to help get her back on track. I so appreciated his willingness to listen to my concerns and try a different way. He finally agreed with me that the supplements were working along with his trims.   

I have since moved my horse and have had other farriers do excellent barefoot trims. I have never stopped giving her Farrier's Formula since we started in 2014. I've always heard 'No feet, No horse.’ She recovered from all of this due to many factors, but a huge factor was Farrier's Formula. Her previous owner now gives it to her sire and her brother, and it's helped their hooves as well. Being a strong-willed mare, her training has been a long process and another story, but we are now competing in Ranch shows, and trail riding. She just continues to improve even at age 16. I enjoy her more every single day, and I'm very thankful for your product being part of our journey!!!!!!  

 I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone who has issues like this. You will not regret it.   

Thank you, Life Data Labs!!!