Annie J.

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My experience with Life Data® products has been nothing short of amazing. My barrel horse, Fame, is a 6yr old QH gelding that I’ve owned since he was 2. Fame has a slight pigeon toe, bad hoof walls and no growth. So, it’s been a chore getting and keeping him sound.

We tried many other products that just weren't helping. After lots of research I came across Farriers Formula® Double Strength and decided to give it a shot. Best decision I have ever made! After my first bag, I was able to get regular shoes back on him. Now, at almost 2 bags in, he’s growing great. A crack he’s had since he was 2 is almost gone with the help of the Life Data® Hoof Clay® and his mane and tail have awesome growth and a great shine. Thank you so much Life Data® for what you do!

- Annie J.

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