Asbury University Police Mounts

Hi Mike,

It was so nice to meet you last week at the World Horseshoeing Classic. I have attached the pictures of the young police colt in training who is suffering from White Line Disease in both hind feet.

A little history on the horse; he came up lame in the end of December and we treated it as a foot abscess. Our farrier came out and examined the foot and discovered White Line Disease in his left hind foot. We resected about a 1/3 of the wall on the lateral side of the foot. A bar shoe was placed to stabilize the foot. Two weeks later his right hind foot started showing signs of lameness. Our farrier ended up resecting the toe region of that foot. A shoe was placed on the right hind as well.

The horse has been moving sound now. We started him on Farriers Formula 6 weeks ago.  

Thank you so much for all of your help! I will send you updates every 4-6 weeks if that works for you.

Stephanie Keeley
Asbury University Police Mounts

Ashbury Hooves 1

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I wanted to give you an update on the horse here at Asbury that has been on the Farriers Formula since the middle of January. Gavin has been doing very well. His feet are growing out nicely. There is a distinct line on his feet of new growth. The farrier decided to take the shoes off. There has been no more White Line Disease evident in either hind foot. The places that were resected are almost completely grown out. I've attached some pictures of his feet.

Thank you so much for all of your help and support!

Stephanie Keeley
Asbury University Police Mounts

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