Blanka Riding Horse

"Benedico has suffered from weak hooves and poor quality hoof horn his entire life.  He is a show jumper and takes part in up to 140 competitions annually. This obviously puts him under a lot of pressure! Just knowing he was feeling pain and discomfort from the poor condition of his hooves made it difficult for me to prepare and work with him daily and, as might be expected, led to lots of tears.

I started feeding Farrier’s Formula in July 2023.  Initially, I was skeptical because I had tried many products in the hope of helping the condition of Ben’s hooves, sadly to no avail and with no visible change or improvement.

Following a six-month period of using Farrier’s Formula, I am surprised and really happy with the remarkable changes in Ben’s hooves. Of course, this was also due partially to the very good work of my farrier. However, without a doubt, I can say that Farrier’s Formula from Life Data Labs really works! Thank you, Life Data, for your recommendations and help and for your products."

Blanka Before Hooves Blanka Hooves After