Card Testimonial

"Some products just make a world of difference, and Farrier’s Formula is one of those products!

As the saying goes, “No hoof, no horse”, and in a therapeutic horseback riding program, “no horse” means not being able to provide life-changing services to our clients with special needs.
Thanks to the palatable, easy-to-feed format of Farrier’s Formula, we never have to worry the horses won’t get what they need to keep their hooves healthy and strong. This incredible product has significantly improved the hoof health and resilience for two of our amazing therapy horses:

Our QHx had very shelly feet and rarely went more than one shoeing cycle without either springing a heel or casting a shoe, despite the combined efforts of our farrier and barn manager. Now, his shoes stay on through all he can throw at them, and in all types of weather and footing!

Our 16hh, 1400Lb Canadian experienced a mechanical founder episode years ago, revealing that his gorgeous-to-look-at feet weren’t actually as strong and durable as they had seemed. Fortunately, he has rebounded from that episode and all is well. A key element in his recovery was Farrier’s Formula, because a horse that big needs feet that can stand up to him, well, standing up!

Farrier’s Formula helps us to provide the high-quality, equine-centric care we believe all horses deserve. Knowing our horses are healthy and happy means the world to us, and to the clients who depend on them so very much. The hooves of our horses help open doors for our clients; Life Data and Farrier’s Formula makes that possible every single day."

CARD - Community Association For Riders With Disabilities