Community Association for Riders with Disabilities

"In order to keep our therapy horses healthy and functional, one of the staple products in our feed room is Farrier’s Formula. 

Thanks to the palatable and easy-to-feed formula, we can be sure the horses are getting what they need for strong, supple hooves.  We were excited to see this product add a joint support formulation to the product line so that we can better support our horses’ health and well-being!

We now have 3 horses benefitting from this incredible product:

  • A QHx who rarely went more than one shoeing cycle without casting a shoe but whose hooves are now so strong, his shoes stay on through all types of weather and footing!
  • Two big, solid boys that both went through periods of rehabilitative shoeing because of the concussive forces those big frames were putting their hoof structure through, and who are now once again barefoot and thriving thanks to the external help from our farrier, and the internal help from Farrier’s Formula.

Farrier’s Formula helps us to provide the high-quality, equine-centric care we believe all horses deserve. Knowing our horses are healthy and happy means the world to us, and to the clients who depend on them so very much. "


Community Association for Riders with Disabilities