Danita B.

Danita with horse and damaged hooves

Last June, Chili caught his hoof under a sliding metal door and sliced the coronet band along with breaking the cofin bone (I'm assuming when he kicked in panic). My vet said he had a 50/50 chance of the leg and hoof reattaching, which was a battle we lost.

Once it was decided to debride the area, the vet said Chili had a 50/50 chance of the hoof growing back. I had to clean, dress, and bandage his hoof (open wound) for a month (ointment, gauze, brown gauze, vet wrap, and a thick layer of duct tape). I went so far as to cut up car floor mats into squares and duct tape them to the front of his shoe to keep him from tearing up the outer layer of duct tape when he dragged the hoof.

Then the rain came and I battled thrush in this hoof as well as all the other ones, but I couldn't put any traditional thrush medication in the injured hoof so I had to crush anti-fungal tablets and pack them into the hoof. Along the way, the vet discovered the necrotic tissue from the broken cofin bone that had to be x-rayed and removed. Indirectly related to the injury was the fact that Chili had severe diarrhea for four months of this as he was confined to a stall. So, there I was with a horse I had only had for three months... with terrible thrush, a severe hoof injury, constant diarrhea, and veterinarian / farrier bills.

But, wouldn't you know it...Chili's hoof grew back!! Thank you Farrier Formula®!! Chili is now down to one heart bar shoe and looking a lot healthier :) I have a six month photo journal of the injury...I've attached some of the pictures - one taken after it was debrided and a recent one.


Danita B.