Emmy B.

I am absolutely blown away by how amazing this supplement is! My mare suffered an awful hoof injury where she sliced through her hoof wall and sole almost to the coffin bone. I got her on Farrier's Formula® almost immediately to help grow out her hoof faster.

15 weeks and 4 corrective trim cycles later, and her hoof has grown SO much that she's done with shoes! In 5 weeks she had about 9 weeks of hoof growth!! If anything, this supplement is too good at what it does! She also has the prettiest coat now, sleek and shiny and gorgeous and her hair is so soft and healthy! She was underweight and had coarse hair before I added Farrier's Formula® to her feed regimen. I am so impressed and love this supplement so much, I think she will be on it for life!

Improved Horse Hair Coat

Healed Hoof Laceration