My 23 years old Polish half-breed gelding had lost weight, his skin itched and his overall condition was not good. Unfortunately, he was also diagnosed with hoof canker on his left front foot. I unsuccessfully tried everything possible to solve the problem. His general condition was, I regret to say, very poor. I fed various vitamin and mineral supplements but without any significant improvement. Hair analysis, blood test… We tried everything. 

Half Breed Gelding 1

Half Breed Gelding2At the 2015 Equitana exhibition, I talked to Ms. Zetsche. She was very friendly and extensively answered all my questions, so I took the information home with me. Frankly speaking, initially the price kept me from making a purchase, but I still had Life Data Labs’ products in my mind. I gave Ms. Zetsche a call to talk about my horse one more time. Finally, I ordered Farriers’ Formula Double Concentrate and what can I say… I guess a picture is worth a thousand words!

The hoof is still not right yet, but that would be a miracle considering the short time. I hope for long term success by collaborating with the vet. I look forward to keeping you informed, and we appreciate it if you would also keep your fingers crossed for us.

At this point, I am simply happy that my “Stinker” is doing well and looking terrific. He is fit and galloping all over the meadow. Farriers’ Formula Double Strength definitely deserves a great share in that. Thanks a lot for that!

Best regards
Frau S.
Cologne, Germany


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