Gale K.

"In September 2020, I had just about enough of my mare’s hooves cracking/breaking away to nothing and frantically calling my farrier for help.

I had heard of Farrier’s Formula and Barn Bag from my good friend Ada Gates (retired racehorse farrier, speaker, and Rose Bowl Horseshoe Inspector) years before I owned my mare and decided to try them with great success. She’s barefoot and gets some small chips here and there that I just rasp out, but nothing like the before pictures. I am a true believer and loyal customer of these products, along with the Farrier’s Finish and Life Data Hoof Clay. Thank you, Life Data Labs, for developing these products."

- Gale K. 

Gale's Horse before picture of a cracked hoof

Gale's Horse standing with quality hooves after using Farrier's Formula hoof supplement