Kit C.

Injured Horse Hoof

About five weeks ago my six year old Half-Arabian mare, Go LaDee Go, very severely injured her right front hoof with a horrible quarter crack on the outside of her hoof, bone and flesh included. It was so bad it was bleeding and ran up into her coronet band. She was unable to put any weight on it and could not walk.

When I discovered it I gave her some pain medication and transported her to my veterinarian. After he had examined it he told me how really bad it was and I had guessed as much. He trimmed, cleansed and medicated it, then had his farrier put a therapeutic shoe on it.

After the shoe was on the doctor checked the hoof and told me it would take a year for the hoof to heal. He paused a moment, knowing I use Farrier's Formula and adjusted the estimate to nine months.

I thought he was being a bit conservative, my having used Farrier's Formula for eighteen years and knowing its healing capacity, I estimated the time span to be six to seven months. We were both way too conservative!

The farrier reset her therapeutic shoe and told me that she would be healed in three months!

LaDee has been on Farrier's Formula since before she was born.

Time and time again Farrier's Formula has saved me money on my feeding regimen, management, breeding and on equine health care issues. Time and time again Farrier's Formula has saved pain, and has helped compounded injury and nutritional problems for my horses and that is the bottom line.

Now Go LaDee Go can be bred this spring with no concerns.

Kit C.

Paradise, Tx