Larissa K.

"I would like to give you a brief insight into my experience and success with Farrier´s Formula Double Strength.

Until January 2021 my 9 year old cob, Indian, had always suffered from poor hoof quality, hardly any hoof sole, and a very thin hoof wall. He regularly lost his shoes every two weeks. I soon realized that I it would not be possible to have him shod any longer. The main problem was his very poor hoof wall substance.

I followed the recommendation of my Hoof Trimmer and fed Farrier´s Formula Double Strength for 6 months. I also filled the cracks and the old nail holes with the Life Data Hoof Clay. Incredibly, the improvement was visible very soon after following this good advice. The hooves began to grow more quickly and appeared stronger and healthier. There was a positive transformation in the whole hoof form. Today, almost 10 months later, Indian has strong and healthy normal hoof quality. I am able to ride him without horse shoes or any other hoof protection. His hoof growth and the improvement still remain: magnificent! On behalf of Indian and myself I would like to show my gratitude and say “thank you” to Life Data Labs and my Hoof Trimmer."

- Larissa K.

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