Margitta R.

"My beloved Mahruss is a 26 year old Arab thoroughbred. For several months my horse had a bacterial infection in his hoof. Despite constant treatment, it was so bad, that a hole could be seen on the outside, in the middle of the hoof.

Since I have been feeding the supplement from Life Data, Farrier´s Formula Double Concentrate, it has rapidly become better. I am very happy about this progress because I was getting desperate for a solution. This feed has also had a very positive effect, on the coat, mane and tail. The coat is shinier, the mane and tail also. The hooves look much better and there is healthy new hoof growth. Amazingly, after only three months of feeding the success was visible.

My hoof practitioner, Ms Nina Heidenreich, introduced me to Life Data products. I can highly recommend Life Data for horse´s with hoof problems. Mahruss will get Farrier’s Formula Double Concentrate for the rest of his life."


Margitta Hoof BeforeMargitta Hoof AfterMargitta Hair BeforeMargitta Hair After