Jimy's Hoof

It is the diagnosis every horse owner fears: "Your horse has foundered”.

Jimmy, my handsome Polish Arabian, had injured his hind leg at the hock after running through a fence. A T- post recoiled and hit his hock at the joint. So he had surgery and a cast below the right fetlock It didn’t take long until he put too much weight on the left hind and foundered on that foot. I had a talented and dedicated team, including my veterinarian, my farrier and Farrier’s Formula Double Strength.

Jimmy’s foundered foot prolapsed thru the bottom of the hoof. I watched day after day, bandage after bandage, as things seemed to worsen in the middle of winter 2010. Then I found Farrier’s Formula Double Strength. So in addition to my talented and dedicated veterinarian, who saved him from infection and made a pad he wore on the bottom of his hoof, a change began to occur.

I fed him Farrier’s Formula Double Strength and a new hoof began to appear. He grew an entirely new hoof from November (when he foundered) until March of the new year. I give credit to Farrier’s Formula Double Strength and also noted a faster growing mane and tail during that time. Jimmy is now fully recovered, runs without being shod and is going sound. He is still on Farrier’s Formula Double Strength!


Parker, CO

Mary - Horse Owner