I recently tried your Farriers Formula Double Strength. I would like to submit my story along with before and after photos of my horse's hoof

I have a gelding I purchased very late last fall. After owning him approximately 10 days he had a massive blowout of a bad abscess that came out along the hair line and halfway across his hoof. His leg swelled and he couldn't walk. So all winter he was 3 legged. My farrier wasn't able to do much for it.


Nature had to let it grow which was a slow process. I was unable to ride him. In May, we were finally able to put a shoe on him and used a product from the Farriers Assn that filled in the hole, so he had sort of a club foot. I had read about your product, purchased and started using your Farrier's Formula Double Strength in July in his feed and was amazed at how fast it works! I had high hopes for his hoof as his feet had taken on a growth spurt like no other. Within a 6 week timespan with the next shoeing last week (seriously a 6 week timespan), his hoof was all there when we pulled off old shoe and the packing!! We couldn't believe our eyes but seeing was believing!!!!! Who would have known his half foot would grow in all the way to a full hoof and no longer require a filler to complete his hoof? After using your product I have been telling everyone how amazing it works.

Thanks so much for a wonderful product!!!! My horse Only Zippo Joe also thanks you!!!

Mary K.