Ol Raspy Horseshoeing

"The Ol Raspy Horseshoeing family wanted to share one of our most recent accomplishments that involved using the Life Data product, Farrier's Formula. In August of 2023, we had a new client contact us looking for guidance because she had been having trouble with her horse's hooves. This is a well-taken-care-of show horse who was on supplements and proper feed. When Jed Durnay APF-1, owner of Ol Raspy, went out and met the horse, he knew that he could help this horse with the aid of Farrier’s Formula. The owner immediately put her horse on the product. Four weeks later, Jed went back out to work on the horse and could see an obvious change. Everybody knew at that point that it was in the horse's best interest to continue the product and to keep the horse on a 4-week rotation.

The current pictures were taken in February 2024. This horse is doing wonderful. He's headed in the right direction, and he’s holding shoes much better now too. The left fore is doing much better. Just waiting on the right fore to get some more growth and bring up the heel a little more. There is also an obvious sign of improvement in the circulation.

Thanks to Farrier's Formula and his owner, who trusted the process, this horse has been able to get off most other supplements and continue to thrive in his day-to-day life. We here at Ol Raspy Horseshoeing have seen many positive changes with life data products, and it is usually the first product that we recommend clients to get to help their horse's hooves become the best that they can be.

Thank you, Life Data, for working hard to make products that help the horses and farriers!"

-The Ol Raspy Horseshoeing family

Blackstone, VA

Before of Hooves Ol Raspy Before Hoof Pictures 2 Ol Raspy After Photos