Sandra M.

Horse with Abscesses

Sucha Sweetie Too is a 23 yr old QH mare. My mom, Sandra, has owned her since she was around 9 yrs old. 

I couldn't count the abscesses Sweetie has suffered through; horrible ones on front and back feet, out her toes, up and out through the coronary, out the bulbs of her hooves, so many that I think she has had more recovery time than riding time. She also suffered from White Line Disease and chipped coffin bones, which contributed to her lameness.

We decided to get her hoof supplements, did our research and found Farriers Formula® and have not had one abscess in 4 years. 4 YEARS!! Her White Line has been managed and does not affect her either. Her feet are in amazing shape, and we feel truly blessed that she is where she is today. She went from ouchie to racing down the fence line, even at 23.

I've got four horses on Farriers Formula®, and all of them have shown significant hoof improvement in the last 3 months. 

Thank you again from the bottoms of our hooves.

Sandra M. and Carey W.