Steffi S.

For all horse owners who have big problems with the hooves of their loved ones, here is a report of my own personal experience. My fjord gelding had very thin soles even as a foal, and every farrier told me he’d never be able to go barefoot. When he was nine years old, high-dose cortisone was injected twice into several joints. This completely ruined the hooves. The hoof horn broke off in large pieces everywhere, and it was almost impossible to get shoes to stay in place.  

After many failed attempts to improve the hoof quality, a friend recommended Farrier´s Formula to me. As I had already spent a fortune on hoof supplements that either didn't help or weren't eaten, I requested a feed sample from the manufacturer of Farrier's Formula. I immediately received a free sample of the product. By this stage, the hooves, as well as the coat and body weight, were in a miserable condition.

Life Data offered me a feed consultation, and since my pony really liked the food, I created a new feeding plan with their help and advice. This all started in October 2021.  

One month later, the first signs of improvements could be witnessed. I only needed to feed a half cup of Farrier’s Formula Double Strength daily. In addition, the hooves were brushed inside and out with Farrier's Finish, every day. 

My pony has now been able to go barefoot since the beginning of July 2022.The farrier is amazed at how well the pony and his hooves have improved.  

I would highly recommend these products to any horse owner struggling with similar problems.  

Thank you very much, Life Data, for your patience and kindness and for always being by our side. 

Steffi S.

Photos of Diablo Photos of Diablo's hooves