Susan R.


"Dr. Scott Gravlee gave me excellent advice that made a huge positive difference in my 16-year-old Dutch Warmblood's hooves! He has never had strong hoof walls and my highly skilled, very knowledgeable and determined farrier, Ron Kass, Jr., has struggled with keeping his feet from falling apart. Ron encouraged me to use Farrier's Formula from the beginning when my horse, Scannie, was 7 years old. Over the years, Ron has built Scannie’s hooves up with acrylic and used glue-on shoes. Ron struggled when Scannie would wiggle and pull his leg away. He would spend more time on Scannie than on the other horses in the barn. His patience and perseverance were truly remarkable.

Over the years, the condition of Scannie’s feet deteriorated. When we were at a barn with stone dust in the turn-out, he was affected more than the other horses. Ron told me that Scannie should not be turned out in the stone dust paddocks because it was wearing away his hooves. This situation with my dressage horse's feet was increasingly frustrating. Knowing that I needed more support, I turned to the maker of the hoof supplement I used for years with several horses, Farrier's Formula Double Strength.

I was referred to Dr. Scott Gravlee, the company's nutritionist. Dr. Gravlee was very generous with his time and asked many pertinent and illuminating questions about Scannie, his diet, daily routine and work. This was in August 2019. Since he was already on the recommended dose of Farrier's Formula Double Strength, Dr. Gravlee recommended giving him a double serving once a day. He also recommended Farrier's Finish and Life Data Hoof Clay. I have used the Farriers Finish a few times on the underside of his feet so as not to get it on the acrylic patches. About a month ago, we moved to a different barn with large grass pastures and no stone dust. Ron shod Scannie today and I receive a text saying,"Hoof wall quality seems to have done a 180! Front feet were in great shape too. Hopefully, he continues in this direction.”

Ron also called to say again, "what a dramatic change there was in the hoof quality. Also, he seemed more comfortable during the process and stood more quietly."

I have never received such positive reviews of Scannie's feet! It has been about 10 months since Scannie's Farrier's Formula supplementation has been doubled. None of the other changes in his life have been in place long enough to have made such a hugely significant difference. Farrier's Formula Double Strength has definitely been responsible for the dramatic positive change in my horse's notoriously poor feet!"