Will A.

Will and his horse

I met you at the Life Data Labs booth at the Madison, WI show. I wanted to keep you up to date with the changes in my Peruvian after two weeks of your hoof supplement.

The name of my horse is 'Sonador' (Dreamer) after the horse in the movie of the same name. I chose that name because like the horse in the movie, this Dreamer was destined for the same fate when she was offered to me as a rescue. She wasn't unusable because of a health problem but rather because she had never been handled and through neglect and abuse she was a pretty extreme animal for anyone to handle. Thus I was the last hope for her.

As I indicated earlier, her soles were very tender but her hoof walls were intact and sound with no defects. It's been a couple weeks since I began giving her Farrier’s Formula Double Strength and already she is walking noticeably better; an improvement I would place at 90% reduced pain. Now, I had already changed up her hoof angles in the feet about a week before I started the supplement, so in a more clinical observation that has to be mentioned, but I've been tinkering with different trims over the last two years and none have resulted in this level of pain relief. So based on these responses my conclusion is that they are due more to your supplement than the changes in trimming.

I have never had a foot problem in any of my other horses so this was a new problem for me....but I never imagined that a nutritional imbalance could be an etiological agent acting on hoof capsule. I had always thought it was a mechanical problem of some sort.

So when I look at this objectively I attribute her changes mainly to the daily supplement. So far I am pretty encouraged and hope it continues....for her sake and to firmly convince a skeptic like me that your product works.

In conclusion I am more hopeful than at any time in the last 2 years that she has turned a corner on this chronic problem. I don't think she is out of the woods yet, and I don't want to get my hopes up too much but the evidence seems to be present that she may well be usable once again. Thank you for your interest and I will certainly keep you updated since I find this an interesting case.

Once again, I thank you for your involvement and I will continue to keep you in the loop.

Best regards,

Will A.



It’s been some time since I last checked in to bring you UTD on how the Life Data hoof supplement has been affecting chronic recurring foot lameness in my Peruvian. As a background, your representative at the Madison, WI event in late summer of 2012 offered me a sample of your product to try as a last resort. I did, and with all other influences remaining the same, she started responding within 3 weeks and was substantially pain free within a couple months.

Being a true skeptic operating under the scientific principles, I wasn’t completely convinced that her response was totally due to the effects of the treatment, so after finishing the bag I gave her some time away from the supplement to give her another field test to see if her problem was healed or not, and if not, was that supplement the only thing that solved the problem. At the time, the winter was behind me and she had remained stable through it, so I felt comfortable ruling out seasonal influences to her problem.

She held together for a couple months before she started showing slight changes in her stepping and weight bearing, but to rule out a possible temporary bruise to the sole I let her go for a while to monitor whether she improved spontaneously or continued having a problem. The problem continued making me decide pretty conclusively that the supplement was the pivotal element in hoof health, so I thought that reinstating the therapy would convince me sufficiently so I got another bag and she responded with a non-symptomatic gait and normal weight bearing within a week.

She continues to be sound to date and I plan on keeping her on this supplement. The interesting thing is that she has great hoof walls….and where they were hard before using the supplement, they continue to be healthy and even harder than before. I trim all 10 of my horses and she has the hardest hooves of all.

I hope this response falls into the ‘good news’ category with what I’m sure are hundreds of other stories you likely have on file.
Thank you again for your initial help….

Best Regards,
Will A.