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Thank you for having such a great product, Farrier's Formula.

We have used this product not only on our own quarter horse with a cracked hoof but also on some of the stallions on the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus.

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Will and his horse

Will A.

I met you at the Life Data Labs booth at the Madison, WI show. I wanted to keep you up to date with the changes in my Peruvian after two weeks of your hoof supplement.

The name of my horse is 'Sonador' (Dreamer) after the horse in the movie of the same name. I chose that name because like the horse in the movie, this Dreamer was destined for the same fate when she was offered to me as a rescue. She wasn't unusable because of a health problem but rather because she had never been handled and through neglect and abuse she was a pretty extreme animal for anyone to handle. Thus I was the last hope for her.

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Easy Escape

Mario V.

Our young filly “Easy Escape” loves her Farrier´s Formula Double Strength. She is being fed the daily recommended dosage and is very keen to eat it. We are so contented and happy with her development and progress, she also looks fabulous and we feel this is definitely due to the very good supplementation.

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Gary Hoza

Professional Farrier

Equine Veterinarian, Dr. George Platt, called me to work on a foundered broodmare at a barn that raises cutting horses. We found that the other horses also seemed to be sore footed. As a matter of fact, we found all the horses we examined to have very thin soles.

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Hoof After Photos

Mary K.

I recently tried your Farriers Formula Double Strength. I would like to submit my story along with before and after photos of my horse's hoof

I have a gelding I purchased very late last fall. After owning him approximately 10 days he had a massive blowout of a bad abscess that came out along the hair line and halfway across his hoof. His leg swelled and he couldn't walk. So all winter he was 3 legged. My farrier wasn't able to do much for it.

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