Marie S.

hoof abscess before and after

"Hoof Clay was the only product I used, and that included supplements. She's a 22 year old QH mare, and was only on grass for the entire time, no extra feed or hay."

Before Hoof Clay

June 1: Some sort of infection that continued to abscess. Cleaned it out, and packed it with hoof clay.

Cleaned Out Hoof Abscess

Here's a week later, cleaned out and about to be repacked. Will post another update in the morning when I get out.

Repacked Hoof Abscess

June 20: Solid hoof there, I didn't feel comfortable trying to take out more. No infection as of now.

Hoof Growth After Abscess

July 13: Six weeks later. Sorry about all the blood! Kept it clean and packed with hoof clay and it's grown back so well, better than we thought!

Closed Hoof Abscess

July 13: Better shot from my farrier, Brad Paulk

Kids on Horse

July 13: Being useful :) I wouldn't put myself and a saddle on her, but she doesn't mind the tots at all.

12 Weeks Progress of hoof

These are from August 24, exactly 12 weeks after the initial "carving" out of her hoof. This time we also applied the liquid hoof disinfectant made by Life Data before packing in the Hoof Clay. The second picture is of my farrier applying the clay. We pack in as much as possible and then smooth out the excess so it it flush with the rest of her foot.


Farrier applying Hoof Clay