Daphney Mare

Chelsey H.

"I received the product earlier in the year, and this summer was quite dry in southwest Michigan. My 13-year-old appendix mare has historically had issues with chipping and cracking, especially in the rear. I applied Farrier's Finish on all four feet this year (and with more frequency) during the dryer periods, and I'm happy to report we had zero issues with cracks or chips. I attended one of Life Data Lab's webinars, and they mentioned that if a hoof dressing isn't safe for humans, it shouldn't be applied to your horse. I now stick to that advice 100%.
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Gabby's Horse Standing

Gaby C.

“About a year ago, I was on the phone with Life Data to ask for some details about the use of the Farrier’s Finish and Hoof Clay. I cannot say enough good things about them.

During our mud season, my horse suffered from white line disease and thrush. Even though I have always been on top of my horse’s thrush, it seemed unavoidable during the spring mud season.

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Mule with hoof problem

Jennifer L.

The Farrier's Finish has saved my mules’ feet, all 3 of them. I battled thrush and weak hoof walls. I have also used your Double Strength hoof and coat supplement religiously ever since I started about a year ago.

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Raspe After


"Our Haflinger mare Delia, 9 years old, has never had problems with sallenders or mallenders in her life. Despite careful daily care, the sallenders broke out almost overnight and both front legs were severely affected.

Life Data, who has given us very good advice on other issues, recommended that we massage Farrier's Finish gently onto the affected areas of skin without washing them beforehand or removing the scabs.

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horse in parade

Cecelia H.

I religiously use Farrier's Formula Double Strength and started using Farrier's Finish this past year. With our wet to dry to wet weather in the Pacific Northwest, it is hard on hooves. I work hard to keep Waylon's feet in good shape.

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