Lisa M.

Cushing's Horse: Casey


I highly recommend this product. I have a 32 y/o pony who has had laminitic issues for over 20 years, mainly due to IR and now PPID has come into play. It has always been a challenge to satisfy her nutritional needs when a “no grain” diet is the suggested diet.

Using the Adrenal Formula along with Farriers Formula I feel like her nutritional needs are being met and her metabolic issues are under control. She acts like a young pony again and I feel we are on course for more happy, healthy years together.

Thank you Life Data for allowing us to be a “member of your Family”.

She is a happy pony and really the only thing that gives away her age is all her gray hair…please don’t tell her you notice it, she still thinks she looks young to all the guys!


Lisa M. & “Casey"