Alexis C.

Gracie After Photo

"Gracie was diagnosed with insulin resistance in the spring of 2020. We immediately put her on prescription medication, changed her diet, we put her into an exercise regime (in which she battled some unrelated lameness), and tried desperately to get some weight off her. This mare just seemed to live quite well on air. I came across a post on Facebook by Life Data Labs looking for horses with insulin resistance, I figured it didn't hurt to try!

 When she started the Life Data Insulin R Formula I was hopeful! It's easy to feed along with her Farrier's Formula Double Strength, she never turned her nose up and we got results to boot! This mare is not on any prescription medications and is seeing weight loss, a better hair coat, excellent hoof quality and she overall seems happier. I'm extremely pleased with the results of this supplement and Gracie is now maintaining her weight loss through our NY winter very well! She has been on the supplement for just over a year and I would definitely recommend it for any horse with insulin resistance! Consistency is key, give this supplement a fair shot!"

- Alexis C.