Kalli N.

Poivre's Girl: Insulin Resistant Horse

"She (Poivre's Girl) looks absolutely amazing!  Everyone has been commenting on it.  The only change I’ve made is the Life Data Insulin R Formula, but her body shape has become sleeker and her coat shines from miles off.

PG looks more pulled together if you can envision what I mean by that, especially with her belly a bit tighter. She lost some weight after being on Insulin R Formula for several months and has maintained that weight. The tightness of her hoof walls around the coronary bands has improved, and her most recent front radiographs show improved sole depth, good angles, and no gas pockets. She’s got a strong dose of Mr. Prospector in her lineage, which does not always make for the strongest feet, so I am particularly impressed by this. 

I’ve been very pleased with my mare’s condition since starting the Insulin R Formula and do plan to continue it.  Everything has just sort of fallen into place and she is moving more freely than ever.  Her feet are not as sensitive as they were even after a number of years barefoot and have noticeably tightened up, from the coronary band to the ground.  She’s big bodied with well sprung ribs, but here, too, she simply seems to be wrapped a little tighter.  While weight tapes are never exact, she also lost a little weight and has kept it off, reducing her BS from a high of about 6 to between 5 and 5 1/2.  I know Dr. Gravlee also saw an improvement in her bloodwork profile over time, ending closer to that of horses with normal markers.

Both her farrier and vet are pleased with her overall condition now as having improved in several ways from a year ago. Everyone at my barn is impressed with the care that you put into your field trials and formulas. I also appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to talk through owner questions. Thank you!"

- Kalli N.