Lamina Testimonial: Adrianne

Excellent Product!

My older gelding had a horrific laminitic flare up after Christmas. It was bad. Really bad. I was at the end of my rope with options. I tried everything and nothing helped him. I've used Farrier's Formula Double Strength with lots of success. So, when I saw this product I had to try it.

For my guy, it was a life saver! I was going to put him down but after one week of being on this, he completely turned around. He's remained sound since being on this. Of course, I had to make dietary changes but this product no doubt is what helped him more than anything. If you have a horse who's going through a laminitic flare up or has been through one and is still punchy, you must give this a try!

Horse with Laminitis

- Adrianne 

Original Life Data® Lamina Formula Testimonial from RJ Matthews