Jan G.

"The Story of Daisy May. Daisy came down with both abscesses and a HORRIBLE case of laminitis. She is also Insulin Resistant. I had her on a number of supplements, as well as Thyro-L. Her supplements were HS35, Remission, and Insulin Wise. We had her on reverse horseshoes, where the opening is at the toe. She was in so much pain that she could barely stand. She lay in her stall for weeks. I was heartbroken and ready to let her go if we couldn't control her pain.

I spoke with Life Data, who helped me with the supplements. We went over all the ingredients to make sure she was on the right stuff! They did some research and called me back to tell me she was too high on many things. We eliminated all the supplements and put her on Farrier’s Formula Double Strength and Life Data Lamina Formula. She was still very foot sore even with backward shoes and Soft Ride Boots. We pulled her shoes and had her in just boots. That change, along with her two supplements, saved her life. She always has a grazing muzzle on when turned out with the other horses. She gradually got better and better. I took videos to document her improvements."

- Jan G.