#1 Recommended Hoof Supplement

Farrier's Formula® Double Strength

#1 Hoof Supplement Recommended by Farriers

The hoof supplement recommended most by farriers in the United States, Farrier's Formula® Double Strength promotes hoof growth, strength and quality. Farrier's Formula® Double Strength also helps develop a healthier hair coat, mane and tail.

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Hoof and Coat Supplement

Farrier's Formula®

The Original Hoof Supplement

Farrier's Formula® is an alfalfa based pelleted hoof supplement formulated for horses to promote healthy dermal tissues including hoof growth. Farrier's Formula® is the only hoof supplement proven to be successful through Independent University Studies.

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Life Data® Sweat Formula

Life Data® Sweat Formula

Enhances Horse's Ability to Sweat

Life Data® Sweat Formula is formulated to enhance the ability for non-sweating horses to sweat. The active ingredients also restore skin condition.

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Equine Joint Health

Farrier's Formula® DS Plus Joint

More than a Joint Supplement for Horses

Farrier's Formula® DS Plus Joint is more than a equine joint supplement, it is a pelleted formula for horses with active ingredients to rebuild and strengthen the connective tissues of the hooves, joints, and skin. Farrier's Formula® DS Plus Joint will also restore hair coat color and shine.

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